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Pre-coating of timber decking and external cladding has gained popularity in recent years for a number of reasons including a reduction in ongoing maintenance and providing a longer-lasting timber finish. Pre-coating timber is the ideal choice when installing cladding to external walls or building a deck. The protection that you get outweighs any upfront costs and provides long term benefits for your home.

Protection against Moisture

Pre-coating timber guards against moisture penetrating the surface of the timber and helps to fend off moisture from the underside of the deck or inside wall cavities. The moisture can absorb into the un coated timber causing cupping and expansion however, pre-coating helps to minimise this issue.

Minimises tannin leaching

A number of cladding and decking timbers leach tannin which can cause discolouration in the timber and stains to nearby materials including concrete & paving. Pre-coating the timber locks in the tannin so the boards won’t require washing prior to installation. This minimises any leaching- avoiding messy and costly clean-ups- whilst saving time in preparing the timber for top coats.

Cost-effective Finish

Oiling a deck with complete coverage after the boards are installed is impossible, and pre-coating on site takes time. That’s why a factory pre-coated timber is not only an efficient way to coat timbers but is also very cost-effective. Pre-coated timbers arrive on site, protected from the elements and ready for installation, saving you time and cost.

No restrictions for top coat applications

The pre-coating does not restrict the top coat you decide on using. You can use a water-based product, an oil-based finish or a stain to alter the colour to suit your needs. And because it is pre-coated with a machine, you will not have any of the blemishes that appear when you hand coat it.

Important post installation info

While pre-coated timber comes with a layer of protection for all surfaces of the timber (except of course open ends following cutting) it is important that top coats are applied after installation to improve upon the protection of the timber and to keep the cladding and decking looking new for the long term.

Protection of the timber from day 1

When you use pre-oiled timber decking or cladding you are protected from day one from damages caused by extreme weather and improve the look and longevity of the timber.

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