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NewTechWood’s Castellation 196mm 5 rib panel can be installed quickly and easily, either horizontally or vertically. Accessories are provided to facilitate a neat and perfectly finished result.

The AW08 cladding clip holds the UH61 Castellation boards in place securely. The clip connects the boards raising them from the joist framework. This allows for air to circulate between the cladding and the joists, isolating water from outside and keeping the inside dry. The AW08 clip system also allows the boards to expand and contract. With the addition of a screw it can be used as a locking clip to control the direction of the expansion and contraction.

The F-Trim (UH50) is used to finish off the outside corners or around windows.

The Outside Corner Trim (UH51) is used when two boards meet at an exterior corner.

Profile Profile Code Description Dimensions Length Coverage Finish LM p/m2 Max span Weight P/LM Stocked MOQ for Non Stocked Profiles & Colours
UH61 Castellation Cladding board – 25mm x 12.5mm 196mm x 25mm 4.88m 186mm H1 5.4m 500mm 2.7kg Y 170 lengths
UH50 Composite End Trim 75mm x 54mm 3m n/a H1 n/a n/a n/a Y 20
UH51 Composite Corner Trim 76mm x 76mm 3m n/a H1 n/a n/a n/a Y 20

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The above colour swatches are indicative only and may vary in appearance according to your computer screen. Visit one of our display centres and request a free sample, noting that there may be small variations between batches.

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