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Cypress (Callitris glauca) is a durable Australian softwood timber species commonly used for structural and exterior applications.
Other Names: White Cypress Pine, Murray Pine

In contrast to a creamy-white band of sapwood, the heartwood of this species ranges in colour from light yellow through orange to light brown, with occasional dark brown streaks. The grain is generally straight with a very fine and even texture, while the presence of numerous tight knots is a distinctive feature that produces a strikingly decorative figure on exposed faces.

Cypress pine decking is ideal for areas where termites are a threat. It is extremely hardy and very versatile and is easily distinguishable with its feature of black or dark coloured knots that contrast with the heartwood.

Natural resins in the wood impart a distinctive odour which is believed to contribute to the timber’s impressive natural durability. Cypress has a natural resistance to water damage & rot and resists warping.

Life expectancy for above ground applications is greater than 40 years and up to 25 years in-ground. Both the sapwood and the heartwood of this species resist impregnation with commercially available preservatives.


Density: 650kg/m3
Janka Rating: 6.1
In ground durability: Class 1
Bal rating: n/a

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