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Darwin Stringybark (Eucalyptus Tetradonta) is a highly durable timber both in and above ground with excellent weathering properties, and is often used for sawn and round timber in bridge construction and as mining timbers, sleepers, poles, piles, cross arms, heavy structural, heavy flooring and decking; ship and boat building. This durability and strength coupled with the ability to withstand high traffic and repeated impacts has seen it used for commercial and domestic applications in the construction of flooring, decking, wall panelling, decorative work, furniture, joinery, turnery, carving, inlay work, walking sticks and tool handles.

It’s heartwood is pale reddish-brown with wide sapwood similar to forest red gum. The timber is of high density similar to that of the ironbarks making it hard, heavy and stiff, with exceptionally good impact, wearing & weathering properties.

The sapwood is pale yellow or white, fairly wide and not always clearly demarcated from the reddish-brown or pale red heartwood.  It has a medium texture and the grain is mainly straight.  This species of timber is widely distributed through northern Australia from Queensland to Western Australia. The trees grow from close to sea level up to 300m and the best growth occurs on moderately deep, well drained sandy soils.

Density: 1170kg/m3
Janka Rating: 15
Durability: Class 1

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