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Garapa is one of the preferred species for decking & out-door landscaping as it is both attractive & practical.
The grain of the timber is fine in texture and is usually straight but can sometimes be interlocked.
Garapa is a very durable timber that resists rot, decay and insect attack. The natural colour is an attractive light golden to honey brown colour, and exposure to sunlight and rain will eventually settle this timber into a weathered silvered grey appearance. It is recommended to apply a coat of penetrating oil to all sides of the timber to allow the timber to properly season.
This beautiful timber is lustrous, does not bleed and has a high silica content making it semi-scratch resistant.
Garapa is easy to work with, has good strength and is a high performing durable hardwood timber that has a long life span.
Garapa is sourced from responsible well managed forests and is certified FSC

Technical Data

Grades: Select
Lengths: 1.800-5.700 lm
Durability: Durable
Density (dry): 900kg/m3
Moisture Content: Approximately 14% (+/-2%) at time of machining
Application: exterior
Serviceable Life: 40 years +
Stability: Stable
Intended Use: Residential & Commercial decking, boardwalks
Appearance: Exposure to sunlight & natural elements turns the timber a silver grey
BAL 29

garapa decking

Care & Maintenance

Many decks require refinishing every now and then. While ordinary woods will often need sanding, staining, and resealing, the glory of this hardwood is that it will stay in good shape with minimal care. It will require a UV blocking sealer or oil, applied every 6 to 12 months, to maintain its original colouring. It doesn’t wear down and absorb dirt like other woods. If using oil-based finishes; please test them on a small not-to-be-used area first.

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