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Red Ironbark (Eucalyptus Crebra) is a very distinctive Australian hardwood that is incredibly resistant to termites, making it not just a beautiful timber but also a highly durable one.

Other Names: Mugga, Mugga Ironbark, Pink Ironbark

Red ironbark heartwood is a deep dark red to red-brown. By contrast, its sapwood is a distinctive pale yellow in colour. The timber’s texture is fine and even with an interlocked grain. It is extremely hardwearing and highly durable, allowing for wide range of external applications.

Most commonly pale to rich red in colour, this timber can also appear with brown colourations and has a moderately coarse but interlocking grain.  Because of its dark, rich rosy colour and extreme durability Red Ironbark is most suited for decking and solid timber flooring.

Almost as tough and resilient as its close cousin the Grey Ironbark, Red Ironbark trees are an evergreen eucalyptus that grows to approximately 30 meters tall. This species is especially hardy and can grow in some of the most desolate types of sandy soils.

Red Ironbark trees grow sporadically but widely in the eastern and southern regions of Australia, the western plains and slopes of New South Wales and southeast Queensland. The trees have a deeply furrowed bark – so dark in fact as to be almost black, though its upper limbs are smooth and appear closer to white in colour.

Density: 1120kg/m3
Janka Rating: 14
Durability: Class 1
Bal Rating: 29

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