We supply

  • Simboard OSB Sheet Flooring,
  • Red Tongue and Yellow Tongue Flooring,
  • Tongue & Groove Plywood sheet flooring,
  • Structural Bracing Ply,
  • Non-Structural Ply,
  • Decorative Ply,
  • Form Ply,
  • Marine Ply
  • MDF, and Particleboard.


Simboard, an Oriented Strand Board (OSB), is the most widely used structural board for timber framed buildings in many parts of the world, particularly the USA and Europe, where it has replaced plywood and particle board in most applications.

So what is it? It’s made from 100% fresh pinewood thinnings from sustainable forests and is glued together with FORMALDAHYDE FREE binders, meaning it can even be used for food containers! It has a water & moisture repellent surface, making it specifically suited for use in moist areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundries.

But what makes it so good? The boards are 900mm x 3600mm, but are only 18mm thick, however they only need to be supported at 600mm centres! No more lugging around heavy 22mm red tongue particle board floor sheets! (10.8kg/m² for OSB  vs 15.4kg/m² for red tongue)

What else makes it better than traditional particle board?

  • It’s R values are equal or better than particle board
  • It has equal or better nail retention properties than particle board
  • It has 50% more strength than particle board

And best of all

  • It’s BCA compliant!

Simboard documentation