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Silvertop Ash (Eucalyptus Sieberi) is a large Australian native hardwood and is one of seven hardwood timber species that was found to be suitable by the Building Commission in Victoria for home construction in bushfire prone areas (provided it has a thickness greater than 18 mm).

Other Names: Coast Ash, Ironbark, Silvertop, Black Ash
Silvertop Ash is a large, moderately durable Australian hardwood that grows in the southern and central coast and tablelands of New South Wales, eastern Victoria and northeastern Tasmania. It is also known as ‘coast ash’ due to its occurrence along the coastal areas of the cooler eastern states.

The heartwood of Silvertop Ash timber is a beautiful nut-brown coloured timber but it can sometimes display a pinkish tinge. The sapwood is narrow in appearance. Gum veins, markings from pinhole borers and pencil streaks also distinguish the appearance of Silvertop Ash.

It one of the most popular decking timbers due to its range of natural characteristics and insect trails which creates a completely natural look, and is mainly used for general construction, but is also used for decking, flooring, furniture, handles, joinery & fence posts.

Density: 850kg/m3
Janka Rating: 9.5
Durability: Class 2
Bal Rating: 29

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