Do you like innovative tools that help keep you up to date with industry best practice? Then check this out:

In Queensland, the practice of shooting coil nails through metal brackets and grips has been outlawed since 2015. The practice was deemed unsafe as it damages the integrity of the bracket and there is always a risk of ricochet, not to mention that more often than not, inadequate fasteners were commonly being used that did not support published load data. There was initially a lot of push back from industry, especially since speed of construction is so important these days and many chippies were not prepared to go back to hand nailing proprietary timber connector nails.

But now, there is an answer. As they say, frustration is often the mother of invention! The guys at Simpson have done it again with the release of the CCN64 Collated Connector nailer. This light weight, pneumatic nailing tool accurately locates either an 8g or 10g connector nail on the manufacturer’ hole in the bracket and positions is without over driving it. This maintains the integrity of the bracket; uses load tested connector nails and accurately places them with no risk of ricochet. And, the heads of the nails are stamped for ease of inspection on site.

Check out this video showing the unique action of the gun; first in slow motion, then at full speed.