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Stunning Solid Timber Laminated Tabletops

Prefinished with a satin 2-pack polyurethane finish to enhance the features of the natural timber for durability in any indoor environment.

Ready to complete the look with prefabricated table legs available from most hardware stores.

The Australian Rainforest species of timbers available are recovered from sustainably managed forests and include Briar Silky Oak, Queensland Maple, Queensland Maple Silver Ash & Black Wattle – all with a thickness between 30-35mm.

Sizes available for order:

1800 x 900
2000 x 900
2200 x 900

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The attractive Queensland maple has long been appreciated for its striking pink wood and is prized for use in furniture and fixtures.

The lustrous sheen of the colour range of this timber- from yellow to reddish brown and pink to brownish pink heartwood makes for a distinctive timber. Historically, it was widely used for aeroplane propellers, coachwork, carriages, and boats. It was also popular for picture frames, and for musical instrument components such as guitar necks and piano parts.

The grain is interlocked and sometimes wavy with a medium to course texture and a good natural lustre (the wood is sometimes referred to as ‘Silkwood’ because of its lustre)


This is definitely an ‘appearance timber’, with a heartwood that is a rich golden brown which is sometimes complimented by reddish streaks or a narrow band of a darker colour. The sapwood is much paler in appearance. Black Wattle has a medium and even texture. Its grain can either be straight or have a wavy, fiddleback pattern, which is valued for furniture and veneers.

A smooth, polished finish can be achieved, making this timber ideal for furniture.

While Black Wattle is a durable, interior-use timber it has a low in-ground durability and is not ideal for external applications.


Qld Silver Ash has a heartwood which is silver-white to very pale yellow. The grain is open and mostly straight with minor variations and medium & even texture.

It is rated 4 on a 6 class scale for hardness, making this timber popular for use in many areas including furniture, flooring, lining, joinery, coach & boat building and for tool handles (axes & the like), sporting goods such as bats, bows, cues and fishing rods.


This timber is strong like real oak. The freshly split wood has a silky texture, and a pattern and light colour resembling English oak – hence the common name “silky oak”.
It was widely used in colonial times when it was marketed as “lacewood”, and that name persists today among some who use it.

Silky oak veneer has- over the years- been used to produce colonial tabletops and other furniture, and was also used to make window frames because it is resistant to wood rot. It is also highly prized by those who make guitars, and wood turners who make bowls and cabinets.

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