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Southern Mahogany is a large, fast-growing species indigenous to coastal south eastern Australia, from Bairnsdale in Victoria to north of Newcastle in NSW. It is closely related to Sydney blue gum and is valued for its rapid growth, tolerance of frost and striking red wood.

An excellent timber tree, it has deep pink to red-brown heartwood with distinctively paler sapwood. The timber is hard, strong and dense with a medium, even texture and interlocking grain. It is durable and lyctid borers rarely attack the sapwood.

Southern mahogany is a hardwood which seasons readily. It turns, machines, and glues well but can blunt knives and saws more quickly than other eucalypts. It is prone to severe growth stresses when young and should be quarter sawn to reduce damage. It can be difficult to dry and air-drying in protected stacks can reduce its susceptibility to end splitting and collapse.

The timber is used in cabinetry, furniture, flooring, decking, and veneer applications as well as general construction, poles and firewood. Historically it was used in heavy construction for sleepers and posts.

BAL 12.5 and 19

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