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Mornington Timber & Decking is proud to announce we are now partnering with VUETRADE for all of our timber connectors.

Joist hangers
45mm x 90mm; 45mm x 140mm; 45mm x 180mm; 45mm x 220mm

Concealed thread bolts
90mm-11mm; 110mm-150mm

Post Support – Bolt down
90mm; 100mm; 115mm; 125mm

T Blade Post Support
80mm x 80mm- 250mm blade
110mm x 100mm- 275mm blade
140mm x 140mm – 300mm blade
180mm x 180mm -350mm blade

Concealed T Blade cap
90mm x 90mm x 30mm
120mm x 120mm x 30mm
150mm x 150mm x 30mm
190mm x 190mm x 30mm

Full Stirrup Post Supports- 32mm shaft/2.0mm thick/4.0mm saddle:
150 x 90; 150 x 100; 300 x 90; 300 x 100; 450 x 90; 450 x 100;
600 x 90; 600 x 100

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