[Zobel] Dec-Tec 5426 offers superior protection for timber decking and cladding against the harsh environment of Australian summers and winters and will continue to protect your decking and cladding for up to 10 years.


[Zobel] Deco-Tec is a water based, early block resistant, non-layer-building wood treatment and preservative. The versatile Special Wood Preservative Protection combines the properties of impregnation, primer and topcoat all in one.

[Zobel] Deco-Tec tinted coating penetrates deep into the surface of the timber providing protection against mold and fungus, (wood rot) and protects against graying and the surface defibration that discolors your timber decking and cladding. Deco Tec protects whilst allowing the timber to gradually change to a naturally weathered appearance

[Zobel] Deco-Tec as a multi-layer coating is recoatable with itself or can be used as a pigmented impregnation with other [Zobel] products.